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Fab Product Sarah 29th Sept 2012 (

This product has been our best baby buy. We tried swaddling with blankets with our first baby but our son just used to fight his way out so we gave up. We were given this as a gift for our baby girl and within a week we had bought a second one for when it is in the wash. We love it because it is so easy to put on and it stops her startling herself awake, without feeling like her movement is being overly restricted. It is a lovely soft material that feels gentle on her skin and it is quite light weight meaning we don't worry about her overheating. Would thoroughly recommend and will be buying as gifts for a couple of friends expecting babies!

Baby loves this next step up in swaddling, 15 July 2011 from Gobbie Aussie (Amazon UK)

Little one has been swaddled from birth. So when she grew out of hers at four months it was important to find one that would evolve with her. This (ergoCocoon 1Tog) is a great next step as it allows movement within the swaddle without her waking herself up. We have just started the transition to having one arm out. Little one looks forward to being cocooned and gives an excited wriggle when we place her in it. Only down side is that it can't be tumble dried so recommend buying more than one. Also the fabric on each side of the zip hasn't been sewn down and this means it does get caught sometimes. Have had to sew down the material part of the zip to prevent this. I haven't found another swaddle like the ergo cocoon that allows the arms to be free, as well as easy nappy/car seat access.

Worked great for my 10 week old son! ashy mum posted this on Jul 26, 2012 (

Fantastic product! My 10 week old son just had the best nights sleep he has ever had wearing the Ergococoon sleeping from 8pm to 3am and then after a feed and nappy change from 4am to 7am!

He has had a problem from birth with waking himself up with his hands and scratching his face in his sleep. Every night he would wake himself up around 3-5 times from doing this. I would then often have to put him back down mutiple times as he would keep waking himself up! Normal wrapping wouldn't work either he is a strong little man and would bust right out of it! 

So I bought the Ergococoon yesterday as i thought it looked perfect for my son and it is! I seriously doubt its just a coincidence that he suddenly slept so well. Plus I only had to put him back down once after his 3am feed! Also love that you can convert it so the arms can come out when ready and the double zipper for a quick nappy change. I'm looking forward to some great nights sleeps in the future

This is perfect! Can't live without it. becks45 posted this on Jul 9, 2012 (

I really need to share with everyone how wonderful this product has been for my family and my baby. Before using it my baby would wake in the night every 2 hours, since using the ergoCocoon she now sleeps 8 hours a night. I love the way is also converts to a sleeping bag. We are now in the 3-12m size however the 0-3m fitted perfectly too (so im not sure why the other lady has said that is was too small). Anyway, its sleep saver, and I recommend it too everyone I know.

Wonderful tah2708 posted this on Dec 30, 2011 (

I have the ErgoPouch sleeping bags in a few different sizes and weights and they are fantastic. My son slept in these from when he was 5 months or so until he went into a bed at 2 years 3 months. He is a tall boy so I always bought the size larger than I needed and didn't find any problems with them being too big, they may have been long on him when I bought them but this didn't cause a problem.

He stayed nice and snug and I never had to worry about him kicking blankets off. The sleeping bag became quite a routine for us as well and he wouldn't go to bed without one on, so going from cot to bed was a bit hard to start with as we decided to take him out of the sleeping bag.

This is a lovely product, washes well and will last my next baby as well. I have also given them as gifts to friends that have had babies

Excellent littlemunchkin posted this on Oct 8, 2010 (

Very happy i bought this product (ergoCocoon). i ended up buying 2 more after i tried the first one out. i will be buying these for anyone i know who is going to have a baby as they are such a great product