ergoCocoon Organic Zip-up Swaddle 0.2 Tog (Blush Leaf)

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The ergoCocoon helps babies sleep longer and better - When babies are born they like to feel snug and secure. They are born with a startle reflex which can easily jolt them awake, so the organic stretch cotton helps your baby move arms or legs into comfortable position without waking.

It is simple to put on, just zip it up and you know that baby will stay swaddled throughout the night.

Unique poppers in the arms mean you can use as a swaddle then transition in to a sleeping bag
- When your baby is ready to sleep arms free, its an easy transition. Start with one out first, then the other arm a week or so later.

Made from organic stretch cotton
- no harmful chemicals are used in the cultivation of this material. Better for farmers, better for the environment and better for your baby.

2 way zip for easy nappy access and car seat placement

Sizing guide: 0-3 months is 60cm long (suitable up to 7kgs), 3-12 months is 80cm long (suitable up to 11kgs)

Why Swaddle? Studies have shown that swaddling:

  • is a useful method help babies settle and sleep on their back
  • can have a calming and sleep-promoting effect on young babies
  • promotes more sustained sleep and reduce the frequency of spontaneous awakenings
  • is associated with a reduced risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)